If you’re like most teams, you have a few people who work closely with your company but aren’t officially part of the team full-time. These people may be contractors, interns, or part-time employees. You might even work closely with clients, passing information back and forth on a regular basis. In any of these situations, you need to share knowledge, resources, and/or process documentation.

We’ve built our new guest user functionality with these teams in mind. In addition to admins, users, and read-only users, you can now add someone to your Tettra account as a guest. When you invite someone as a guest user, you control which categories they can access. Within these categories, guests can do everything a regular user can do: they can read and edit content, they can comment on a page, and they can make suggestions. Guests will continue to have these permissions unless/until you either deactivate them or until you turn them into a full user.

Like many of our features, this one was inspired by our amazing customers. Digital agencies in particular have requested guest access in order to work more easily with clients. No more messy Google Drive folders to organize the work around a new website or a marketing campaign. No more wondering which version of a doc is most up to date. By giving guest access to clients, an agency can manage projects, and the relationship, generally, with greater clarity.

This was also a top request among companies that leverage talented contractors. We ourselves work with some incredible designers and writers. We’ve experienced firsthand how difficult it can be to stay up to date with contractors and what they’re doing. In the past, we’ve cobbled together a solution consisting of Slack, Trello boards, Google Docs, Dropbox paper, and email. And yet, there was no central place to bring everything together. Now, Tettra can act as a hub for all of these other tools. This makes it easier to work with existing contractors and smoother to bring on new ones.

We’re also excited to launch this, since it helps us continue to align our product with Slack’s. Communicating with contractors and clients via Slack already makes life easier; why shouldn’t contractors use Slack to search for the right info in Tettra? Just as Slack allows for guest users, Tettra’s guest user status makes it easier to collaborate with people who aren’t full-timers within your organization.

Do you work closely with contractors or clients? What workflows help you collaborate better? Please let us know how you begin using guest user profiles, so we can continue to add to and improve the Tettra product! You can also access our guest user documentation here.