Our vision for Tettra is to be simplest and most delightful place to write about any process or project happening in your team. The most important piece of delivering that vision is our page editor.

Products like Medium, Github, and Trello have changed the way people expect to create, edit, and share content. We think Tettra should work exactly the way you expect any content creation tool to work today. It’s an ambitious goal, but we’re making progress every day.

Here’s what we’ve been working on the past few weeks…

File Attachments

The first new improvement you’ll notice is the ability to attach a file to a page. You have bits and pieces of information scattered across all sorts of files and documents. Now, you’ll be able to pull them all together in one place with Tettra pages.

Your files will be displayed inline in the flow of content.

n.b. you’re currently able to upload .pdf, .doc, .ppt, and .xls files up to 10mb in size.


Categories are great for carving out areas for different groups or disciplines of teammates to create content, but it was clear from your feedback that we were missing another key piece of organization. Subcategories give you the ability to further group related content for better discoverability and organization.

You can create subcategories by clicking the “New” button in the upper right of each category. You can also now move pages across categories and into subcategories with the “move page” dropdown option next to each page.

Ability to Remove users

In your team settings, if you’re a Slack Admin, you’ll see that you now have the ability to remove a teammate from Tettra. This is useful if a team member leaves or no longer needs access to Tettra.

You can find this in your “Team settings”, under the “Teammates” tab.

Personalized Team Icon

Your Tettra account should feel like it belongs to you and your team. So instead of a Tettra logo, your account now displays the personalized app icon you’ve uploaded in Slack. This gives you a little more personalization around the look and feel of the product.

🐟 Thats it for now, let us know what you think in the comments below!