Our team has been on fire this month shipping a bunch of great new features for our customers. Here are some of the highlights…

✏️ Reference People & Pages

Here at Tettra, we believe that work happens in context. Being able to quickly pull in people and existing pages while editing pages is crucial to the workflow.

You can now quickly pull in teammates and pages while editing pages. Just hit + to start searching for a page or @ to search for a teammate.

👍 Page Reactions

One of our favorite features of Slack is message reactions. It’s a great way to quickly expressively communicate without having to write a full response. We thought it would be useful if you could do the same thing with Tettra pages, so you can now add reactions to any page.

💌 Email notifications

It’s easy to miss relevant activity in Tettra, so we now allow you to receive email notifications for new comments on your owned pages, when someone @mentions you in a page, when someone answers your page request, or when someone requests something from you.

📑 Duplicating pages

Often times, you’ll have pages that you create on a reoccurring basis (like a weekly team update). In those cases, it could be a pain to recreate pages from scratch every time.

You now have the ability to duplicate an existing page to create a draft to save you time.

👩‍🏫 Easily find all your assigned requests

One last small update. You can now easily see what requests are assigned to you via your user dropdown in the top right.