We’ve been hard at work this summer improving Tettra based on your feedback (thanks! 😀). Here are some highlights.

✨New layout for categories

We redesigned the category view to include subcategories inline and recent updates.

🔀 Page, subcategory, and category reordering

We know it’s important to control what your teammates first see when they land on a category page.

🗂 New page sidebar with all pages and subcategories

The page sidebar is a lot more consistent and easy to navigate. Subcategories are openable here as well.

🔑 Per page edit permissions

For your most important pages that shouldn’t be changed. You can turn on this setting in the editor.

📩 Page sharing

Share via Slack or email. Super useful!

🙅 Ability to turn off edit notifications

When you don’t want to blast your team with a notification when you’re fixing a typo. Available in the editor.

💸 Billing settings

We’ve added much better account control. You can change your plan, update your card on file and billing email.


That’s it for this update, let us know if you have any feedback in the comments. Thanks for using Tettra!