This month, we’ve been focused on giving you more granular control over where and how knowledge sharing happens. We want to make it easier to get the right info to the right people at the right time. Our newest Tettra features include Page Sharing, Personalized Notifications in Slack, and Daily Digest Updates. Check them out, and let us know what you think!

Share Individual Pages with a Link

Until now, most permissions were set at the category level. This meant that you had to share all or nothing within a certain category. You can now share a link to an individual page with anyone, inside or outside of your company. Think Google Docs-style sharing, but with Tettra’s simplicity, organization, and findability.

This new feature was the collective brainchild of our amazing Tettra customers and users. We heard you loud and clear: Tettra customers needed greater control over specific content. To get tactical, we kept hearing about two situations in which this feature would make your life easier:

  1. Giving new employees easier access to information: This helps you transfer knowledge to new team members, so they can get up to speed and start adding value even faster. Maybe people want to check out their benefits before day one or want to get a feel for the org chart. Or perhaps you have a new team member who has started but hasn’t yet set up all of their accounts and tools. Instead, share important pages with them and let them access the info they need to hit the ground running.
  2. If you work with contractors, you may want to share some information but not give access to all other content in a given category. For example, perhaps you work with contract writers. You probably want to share your style guide but don’t want to open up access to all of your marketing metrics within the marketing category. Now you can share a page that’s specific to the work they’re doing. We’re not yet allowing people to edit these shared pages, but this is open for discussion for future updates, (so cast your vote!)

You can tell if a page has been shared outside of your organization because you’ll see a note at the top of the page, indicating that link sharing is on.

We’ve been pleased to see that so many teams are already using this feature, and we’re eager for feedback. We hope this new sharing option makes collaboration easier inside (and beyond) your teams!

Get Personalized Notifications in Slack

We’ve also rolled out customizable Slack notifications, so that what you see is more specific to you and the topics you care about. Since many of us spend most of our days in Slack, it feels natural to get updates there, rather than your inbox. This means less context switching and less email.

Previously, you had to pay attention to all updates in a given channel to see which pertained to you. You had to monitor multiple channels. Now, instead of making you go somewhere for info, relevant info comes to you! Plus, it’s all in one place, within a conversation thread with your friendly neighborhood Tettra Slackbot.

We’ve also built in the ability to customize when and where you’re notified of different types of updates. For instance, maybe you want to know via email when someone comments on your page but you prefer a less intrusive Slack notification when someone answers your suggestion. No problem! We all have our ways we like doing things, so customize your Tettra settings to align with your unique preferences.

See New Activity in the Daily Digest

We want to make it easier to see how people engage with the knowledge you’ve so kindly shared. The new section at the top of the Daily Digest gives you greater visibility into how your pages are doing and what else your team might need to know. You can now see which of your pages have gotten new views, reactions, and comments in the past day. This helps you keep a finger on the pulse of what kind of info is most helpful and where people need more information.

You can also set your timezone, so that you’re getting this info at the right time of day. We send you this digest every morning between 7–8am. Over time, we may add more granularity to these digests, so please let us know how you’d like to engage with this feedback.

Making You and Your Team More Productive

Ultimately, with everything we build, we strive to make your team more effective. We want to reduce information overload; no need to share an entire category when all you need is one thing. We also want to increase relevance by making sure we see the info and feedback that’s most pertinent to you.

Customer feedback is really valuable to us. All of these updates come via input from our terrific customers, so please keep those suggestions coming! If you have more ideas about improving notifications or sharing, we want to know. Thanks, as always, for being a Tettra customer!